Monday, April 24, 2017

The Weathervane Cafe

We went to this quirky, quaint little cafe a few months before moving to City Park West. I was getting a haircut across the street and only stopped in for a minute. I wished that I would've been able to spend more time there, but we had plans. Brian and I both said that we wanted to go back there soon. I missed the sheer amount of coffee shops and places to spend leisurely afternoons outside my tiny apartment in Seoul. Denver does have coffee shops, but not so many with the same homey vibe that brings to mind meeting up with friends in Seoul to plan our lives and lament our lack of planning thus far. What have we done with our lives? Why have we wasted so much time? What are we going to do next? These are questions we asked ourselves a lot. I miss my friends from Seoul and our lazy Sundays together. I miss meeting up to work and plan. I wish I could fly to Seoul, Berlin, Dublin, New York, Glasgow, and all of the other places my friends from Korea have gone.

We didn't know it at the time, but we would be moving to this neighborhood a month or two later. We found our tiny Denver apartment just a seven-minute walk from the cafe. This was back when we were still getting to know the area. I didn't realize that we were so close until we drove past on our way home. When we moved, I said that I was going to go there all the time. I have only been back a couple of times since then. I work a lot and when I don't work, I enjoy exploring the city or staying at home and getting things done or just relaxing. I recently started a new position and have been working a lot of overtime. I've worked the past three Saturdays, plus a few extra hours during the week. I am determined not to work overtime this week and I think I'll spend some time at the Weathervane Cafe rather than the office on Saturday. Maybe I'll meet my Denver friends there for a much needed "life planning" session and quality friend time. I'm sure that someday, when we decide to go elsewhere for our next adventure, I'll be saying how much I miss my Denver friends and my old Denver neighborhood.

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