Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Korean Grocery Store

Cravings for Korean food, and for Korea itself, have been coming back with intensity lately. It happened when we lived in Denver for only four months, and now after a year, it's happening again. I dreamt that I was there two nights in a row. The dreams were strange and vivid where people who weren't supposed to be there were there, and worlds collided. I woke up half planning to make a mad dash back to Korea and to study Korean in secret until we left so that I could have time to convince Brian that it was the right choice to make. 

Alas, here we stay in Colorado. We will have to make do with thickly sliced Korean bacon dipped in spicy sauces and wrapped in lettuce; iced buckwheat noodle soup; seaweed bits to sprinkle over kimchi fried rice; a big jar of kimchi; two different types of ramyeon; yogurt soda; and ice cream wrapped in a cone that is shaped like a fish with a layer of red bean syrup on top. It's strange to call somewhere home for so long and to know that you may never go back there again. It's strange to find solace in a grocery store. It's strange to be "home" but for that word to have lost its meaning over time. In an attempt to let go of the past and fully immerse myself in the present, I look forward to planning our first camping trip in Colorado this summer. That samgyeopsal will taste divine cooked over the open flame, after all.

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