Saturday, May 6, 2017

First Friday Exhaustion

Yesterday was First Friday, a day when galleries are open later than usual and entrance is always free. We went to the Art District on Santa Fe to see a friend's co-worker perform in the back of a candle shop. They had an amazing ceiling with a skylight and an enormous plant hanging down. I enjoyed the music and wished that it went on longer. Her set was cut short by a performance piece that was also happening in the same space. It looked interesting, but I hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we left before they began and went in search of a food truck. We braved the crowd and had meatball pasties outside a brewery. It was fantastic seeing friends and having a chat, but suffering from exhaustion and allergies, the noise of the crowd was starting to get to me. We decided to walk over to another neighborhood and find a quiet bar where we could chat and catch up. We found a nice, comfortable bar and spent a bit of time there before I could barely keep my eyes open. After working 50 hours in 5 days, 10:30 pm starts to feel a lot like 2:30 am used to feel.

I'm looking forward to the next First Friday, though I have not been impressed with the art the two times I've gone so far. However, I was tired both times I went, and I would like to give it another chance. Last summer, I expected so much more from art in Denver. I was shocked by the low quality of art that I saw in one of the most popular and well-known art districts. I thought that it would be better. It didn't help that I worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and was used to seeing high-quality art on a daily basis. Despite being disappointed by a few art excursions, I still want to seek out and find all of the best places to see good art in Denver. The one gallery that I know I can depend on for this is called RedLine, and it lives in the RiNo Art District. It seems as though the Art District on Sante Fe is more focused on the party and less focused on the art. Fair enough, I'll probably go back sometime when I'm less tired and enjoy a nice evening of festive sidewalk frolicking and delicious food truck pasties. But the next time I'm looking to enjoy intriguing and visually pleasing art, I will be headed to RedLine and asking for their recommendations on the best places to see good art in Denver.

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