Thursday, May 4, 2017

Working Overtime & Chada Thai

Today is Thursday, and I have worked 40 hours this week so far. I started a new position a few weeks ago, and I am currently working both my old and my new job. The replacement for my old job is starting on Monday--I couldn't be more thrilled to have some help. It's great to get the opportunity to work overtime; however, I'd also like a few full weekends off in a row, and I'd like to be able to take some time off this summer to go camping. Brian and I have been doing our best to make meals at home this week, but we were so tired that we decided to take a break from cooking and go to Chada Thai down the street. It's the sweetest little restaurant on 17th and Race in City Park West. Like many of our favorite places in Denver, it has a lovely patio.

The best thing about Chada Thai's patio is that it's a dog-friendly patio. Kiki loves sitting with us whenever we venture outside of our tiny attic apartment. Speaking of our minuscule abode, we've officially started apartment hunting with just under two months left on our lease. We rent our current studio with a loft for an unheard of $650 a month. We're trying to find something that isn't much more expensive, but it's a very hard thing to find in Denver. For most people we know here, $1200 a month is not a high price to pay for an apartment, but I would love to pay off my student loans sooner rather than later. We're also willing to live in a studio or a small 1 bedroom apartment, which many people are not willing to do. One thing I love about saving on rent is that sometimes you just have to get out of your space and spend time hanging out in your neighborhood. Tonight, it was exactly what we both needed. It felt much better than just going from home to work and back again. I will be sad to leave this neighborhood, but if we find the right apartment in an equally good neighborhood, we won't be able to pass up having a bit more room and a sleeping area that doesn't induce claustrophobia on the hottest nights of summer.

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