Monday, June 12, 2017

Lair of the Bear Park & Bear Creek Trail

The city has been hot and stale lately. I long for the country--for small towns, backyards, trees, forests, birds chirping, silence, and fresh, crisp air. I grew up at the bottom of a mountain, within walking distance of the Columbia River. We went camping, to swimming holes, and spent our summers riding bikes around our quaint and peaceful town. Of course, when I lived there, I could only dream of someday living in a big city.

There is something rejuvenating and magical about being in the presence of more plants than humans, more water, rocks, and trees than buildings. The smells, the sounds, and the absence of the rush of city life.

This place is a 45-minute drive from Denver. It's a good day trip and dogs are allowed. Last year, we didn't get out into forests enough. We went to Red Rocks, drove to the top of Mt Evans, and explored a few small towns in the mountains, but we didn't think to look up places to hike. We were overwhelmed with being in a new place and didn't know where to go.

I feel more comfortable here now. I am getting my bearings. Looking at maps more often is helpful. We have a camping trip planned for July. We might just go for one night. I've been using my paid time off, sick leave and vacation, as I get it. I am using some for moving, and I need to save some to visit family in Portland.

We went to Lair of the Bear Park two weeks ago and went back last Sunday to hike Bear Creek Trail. We hiked for four hours. The forest was exactly as I had hoped. It reminds me of home. I only wish that Colorado had more water. The creek at the bottom of the trail didn't have a great place to swim. We have to find the local swimming holes before the summer ends.


  1. What a beautiful place. That view of the mountains is just stunning! You are so lucky to have this relatively close by! :)

    1. We are! Every time we drive out of Denver we are in awe of the Rocky Mountains. It takes a bit longer to get deeper into the mountains, but it's worth it. We'll be headed out that way for camping.

      Have you been to any tall mountains in Europe or America?


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