Monday, July 31, 2017

CamelBak Helena Review

There is never enough water in Colorado--whether you're exploring the city of Denver or venturing a little higher into the mountains. Staying hydrated at a high altitude is one of the most basic ways to care for yourself in the city that gets its nickname from being a mile high. When you get tired of the daily grind and head into the woods to center yourself, be sure to grab some water as you go.

I recently bought a new backpack in preparation for finally taking Colorado up on what it has to offer: trees, trails, and mountains. I'm not an avid hiker. I don't plan on doing a 14er or going on a 3-day trek. I just want to walk in the trees and take in the scenery. I questioned whether I would actually need a hydration pack, yet I was convinced that having too much water was infinitely better than not having enough.

When it comes to making online purchases, or purchases in general, I am incredibly picky. I worry that I will hate what I buy and will not be able to return it. I felt this way while searching through the immense sea of backpacks online and while ordering the CamelBak Helena, but in the end I had no regrets. It works perfectly for what I need it for. The Helena is small enough not to be a burden, but big enough to hold more than a few essential items. Along with being a great hiking backpack, it could be used as an overnight bag or for a walking or biking commute. The shoulder straps are comfortable, and there are plenty of straps with buckles to adjust as you please.

Having water at my fingertips without having to stop and swing my pack around was a great new experience while hiking, and I never worried that I would run out. Besides having the right amount of compartments and pockets for holding everything from a swimsuit and extra sunscreen to a journal and extra pens, the version that I bought is a very pretty peacock blue color with neon green accents. I have only taken the Helena on a couple of hikes and one camping trip so far, but I have a feeling that we will have many more outings together over the years.

Disclaimer: I have purchased and reviewed the Helena of my own accord. I have not received a free product or compensation for this review. I am not affiliated with CamelBak in any way and all views are my own.


  1. You are so right about needing more water in Colorado - it's gotta be the altitude thing. We normally hike with just our water bottles, but when we were hiking in Colorado, my sister who lives there insisted we all carry a CamelBak and she was right.

    I am the exact same way about online purchases. I can debate for days over something that only costs $10. It's pretty bad. :)

    1. Right?! But then I go and do something like buy a box of 20 Zebra Sarasa pens and realize that it will likely take me a few years to use them all up!

      I think the being scared of making online purchases comes from years of living in Korea where I really couldn't return purchases from the US. Are you finding that you have everything you need in Singapore? If you guys ever make it over to Seoul while you're in Asia, I can give you some tips on food to try and neighborhoods to check out!


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