Thursday, July 20, 2017

This Week

This week has been a busy one. I planned three big things without realizing that they were happening in the same week. Last night I went to see Mitski play some music, and tonight I'm going to a Korean restaurant with friends and their sister who is visiting. I worked 10 hours on Tuesday and will work 10 hours again today so that I can leave early on Friday for a weekend of camping.

As luck would have it, our weekend will be filled with rain. I didn't check the weather when I made the reservations. I've camped in the rain before, but it was in the Pacific Northwest in a forest where I grew up. I wasn't worried about lightning. Another thing I wasn't worried about was bears. I don't know if it's just that we'd never seen one while camping or that they aren't much of an issue in that area, but we never had to worry about it.

While checking on the campground website, I noticed that the park is currently on a bear alert. I researched what you should do in case of lightning or bears. Then I emailed the campground. They said to stay in your car for lightning, and lock your food (and cooking clothes) in the car for bears, which is basically what I'd already read. I was still pretty nervous about it after my own research, so it made me feel better to hear it again from someone from the campground. She told me that they usually just take food from people who leave it out and move on to the next site. I feel much better about the whole bear situation now, but we will still be grabbing some bear mace on our way out just in case.

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you ever been in a dangerous situation in the outdoors?


  1. Crikey! We went camping last weekend. No bears though, thankfully!

  2. I am actually terrified of bears!!! Whenever I go on hikes in Canada I freak out.

    1. We kinda freaked out the last night when our dog woke us up at 3 am. We started thinking we heard noises outside the tent, and I realized I forgot to take my backpack out which had things like sunscreen, lip balm, and rosewater face spray in it. The advice is to not have anything at all that could possibly smell sweet in your tent. Luckily, nothing happened, but I'm going to be more careful next time, sleep with a knife, and watch some tutorials on how to use bear spray. I recently read a story on how a woman ate her dinner in a tent and a bear pretty much just fell on her because it wanted it. Her friend scared it off, but that would be terrifying, and I'd never want to go camping again!


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