Saturday, August 5, 2017

Denver City Park Esplanade Fresh Market

Every Sunday from June to October, you'll find a small urban farmer's market at the City Park Esplanade in Denver, just a bus ride away from downtown. In contrast to the traffic and grime of the infamous Colfax Avenue, the City Park Esplanade Fresh Market makes its home around a small haven of grass. The grassy area surrounds a historic fountain and architectural features that could easily be imagined to be from an elegant French estate.

One Sunday morning about two months ago, we decided to walk the five minutes from our apartment and finally check it out. It was a beautiful, sunny day. My first impression was that the market was a bit small, but there were some worthwhile booths to eventually draw me in. There were only a couple of booths with fresh produce. The rest were mainly food, with one booth selling flowers. There were also a few booths with clothing and other items. We bought a jar of grapefruit kombucha to share and each chose different flavors of quiche. We sat in the desperately needed shade of a tree near the fountain--after even a few minutes in the Colorado sun, I feel like it is burning me to the core.

The market was by no means crowded, but there were quite a few people meandering through the stalls and having their lunch on the grass. Canine pals came along for some good outdoorsy fun with their humans. When we finished eating, we took Kiki over to the fountain where another dog was frolicking in the water. We wanted to see if she would like the water and want to go for a swim. We put her into the fountain, but she wasn't really into it.

Overall, the market was worth a visit, but it could have been better. I wished that they would've closed off the entire esplanade leading up to City Park and invited more stalls and food trucks to line the sidewalks. I could imagine this being a great summer meeting place that extends into City Park with more to see and more to do. It was nice to be able to walk from our apartment, and that is one thing that I miss about living there--being so close to City Park.

Just two days after we finally enjoyed our neighborhood farmer's market and talked about going back to refill our jar of kombucha, the house we lived in caught on fire and we temporarily had no place to live. We're getting settled in our new apartment and neighborhood, but I have the feeling that City Park West is the place we'll always be nostalgic about as our first home in Denver. Luckily, we are only an hour walk or a short bus ride away, and I definitely plan on going back to refill our kombucha jar at least once before the market ends for the year.


  1. I love markets! Wow, the sky looked amazing that day. Reminds me of back home in Canada. I swear the Italian skies never look like that.

    1. Colorado skies are so amazing. I've read that it's because we're so high in altitude. Seoul was very polluted and often hazy because of that. :/


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