Thursday, August 3, 2017

Denver Civic Center & Downtown Protest Marches

Earlier this year I went to six protest events that covered everything from supporting our immigrant and Muslim neighbors to standing up for healthcare for all. When I first decided to join the Women’s March, I was nervous about what to do and what it would be like as I had never joined a protest before. I remember watching the Black Lives Matter movement start from across the world in Korea. I followed along and shared news stories and voiced my support, but I was so very far away. Even now, I know that I have a lot to do to become a more engaged citizen. After I started working more hours, I stopped going to events. I worked two Saturdays during two different marches and felt sad that I couldn’t be out there with my fellow activists, although I was happy to see that the momentum was still going.

Protesting, marching, calling senators, writing emails, having conversations, and voting are crucial to making our country a better place, and I don’t believe that any one person or group alone has the answer. I don’t know how or if we will do it, but we will somehow have to work together to change the way that things have been. I hope that over time I can become more involved in the process, as well as volunteer to help my community in more immediate and concrete ways. Although I haven’t been to a protest for quite some time, I don’t plan on ever giving up completely. Protesting and rallying cost only time, yet what they--along with other avenues of involvement--yield has the potential to save lives and change the world.

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