Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Downtown Denver

Every day, I walk downtown to work. It's a nice little walk. I like the view of the buildings and the sky. The morning is usually peaceful and quiet, especially if I can take it upon myself to get up and get to work early. From our last apartment, I had a 45-minute walk to work. My current walking commute from our apartment in Capitol Hill takes only 20 minutes. It's a nice change to have a shorter commute. I work more hours now, though, so it doesn't feel like I am saving any time (although having a full-time job is great and much appreciated).

Sometimes on the weekends Brian and I walk downtown to the movie theater. We try to use his car as little as possible--especially if we're going to be back after 4 or 6 pm. It's hard to find parking in Cap Hill after that time. It's nice being able to walk, though. The last movie we went to see was "Black Panther". We tried seeing "Lady Bird", but our seats were really close to the screen and we had to leave. They did warn us, but we thought they wouldn't be as close as they were. Those were the closest movie seats I've ever seen! We would have been tilting our necks all the way back the entire time. I still need to rent "Lady Bird" when it comes out.

Downtown Denver starts just after the Capitol Building and morphs into Lower Downtown (LoDo) somewhere along the way. It is not my favorite place in Denver, and it's not the first neighborhood I would recommend to see if you are visiting, but I do like going there from time to time. There are some cool old buildings amidst the taller office buildings, and there are a few decent restaurants peppered throughout the neighborhood. It looks a bit grungy during the day, but the lights on the trees give it a little sparkle at night.

Sometimes while walking through 16th Street Mall, we get a little flustered by the hustle and bustle, but then again sometimes I want to be part of the noise and the crowd. The Denver Art Museum is near downtown and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is in LoDo. I love going to Union Station in LoDo from time to time to enjoy the architecture of the building and the open seating area where you can sit and enjoy a sandwich or coffee from one of the surrounding cafes. There are couches, armchairs, and a shuffleboard table. If you're in Denver for a layover, getting to downtown from the airport is easy on the A Train. Then you can take the free shuttle from Union Station all along 16th Street Mall.

We like living in the middle of the city, for now. It's fun to have restaurants and bars at our fingertips. The noise of traffic and exhaust fumes coming in our window is not so fun. We're hoping to move to a smaller town soon. I imagine being surrounded by trees and waking up to hear birds chirping in the morning. I imagine having a four-season porch and taking my coffee out to my wicker chair to sit in the mornings with Kiki on her special porch dog bed. These dreams are nice, and they're taking over my thoughts more and more these days, but we will have to wait and see for that. For now, we take advantage of where we're living and enjoy our time at the local eateries and drinkeries.

What's your favorite kind of place to live? Are you living there now, or are you dreaming about it like me?


  1. Your dreams sound lovely. It's always good to have them and keep dreaming every day :)
    I was just talking about this with someone... I think I would ultimately prefer to live in a city (maybe, a medium or small sized one) with easy access to the countryside, coast, etc etc. I think it is the best arrangement (imo) - it is easier to leave the city and feel at peace in the country, but come back to the culture, bustle, and excitement for life that the city has. Doing it the other way around can be overwhelming when you "fall out" of being a city person and forget that it can be a lot to take in after living in the country.

    1. I also think living in a small city would be wonderful, but the cost of living in cities is totally outrageous these days. It's actually really sad. I wish we could spread everyone out a little bit and reduce the cost of living for everyone!

      I was just telling someone the exact opposite of what you said. I (think) I would rather live in a small town and have the excitement of going to the city on weekends or a few evenings, but have the peace of living in a small town all of the other days. I don't know, though. That's how I grew up, but we'll have to see if it isn't too isolated for me. And then again, you have to consider the distance to the big city. Living in a small town with a big city a half an hour away, or even 15 minutes, you could just go there whenever you need that.

      I'm still waiting to hear back from some jobs, and at this point, I think I am just waiting to see what life throws at me. :)

    2. But of course, when I was growing up I just couldn't wait to get out of the small town! Went from 2,000 people (or maybe about 8,000 in surrounding towns along the river) to a population of 25,000,000 in the Seoul metro area, with Seattle and a few other places thrown in along the way.

  2. Nice pics! I've been to Denver a few times but haven't really explored the downtown too much. I agree with you about living somewhere like that. Sometimes I hate living in the city here in Seattle, and I dream about owning a house on a plot of land somewhere it's quiet and peaceful. But then sometimes I love the city, and I love being able to walk to restaurants and eat every sort of food imaginable. The culture and excitement of a big city is something I'd really miss if we ever move. Oh, and I just watched Lady Bird the other night for the first time and loved it! It's available on Amazon Prime Video if you have that. The mother/daughter relationship hit sooo close to home for me. I'd highly recommend it!


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