Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Moving to Washington State

In one week, I will be loading up a rental van and driving from Denver, CO to Bellingham, WA for my new job. Dog-friendly hotels are booked, my route is mapped, audiobooks are nearly ordered and I'm ready to go--after I finish work and pack all of my belongings, that is. Brian will leave at the end of September. After a long and exhausting job hunt, it still seems unreal that I have finally found a new place to call home. I found out on August 10th, had a brief moment of being on the verge of happy tears at work, held it all in and started planning. We will be renting a lovely unit in a duplex near my new job and downtown Bellingham. It has a fenced yard with an apple tree and a clawfoot bathtub.

Being in Denver has been a pleasure and an adventure. Experiencing the never-ending view of mountains and hills around Mt. Evans and the wide open landscape of Eleven Mile State Park are two of my favorite memories here. There are things that we don't particularly like about Colorado, but it's more of a personal preference than a strong dislike. We want to be near the ocean and other bodies of water. (There's a creek near our new apartment!) We love the rain and want more of it. We wanted to be near family. I will miss a lot of things about Denver, like the art scene that I never really got involved with other than working at the museum cafe for a bit, going to a few galleries, and having a show at City O' City. But it will be fun to see what art things are happening in Bellingham and there is always Seattle or Vancouver, BC a short drive away.

Moving to Denver was more about making life work back home. It was more about finding jobs and surviving. We've done that and now we have chosen where we want to live next and settle down. I'm ready to start a new job and keep learning. I have a volunteer opportunity lined up with an arts organization. I'd also like to volunteer at the food bank eventually. They're both within walking distance from our new apartment. It will be really fun to start over and be more involved with our new community, knowing that we will be there for a long time. It also helps that my sister Ashlee has lived in Bellingham for about 12 years. I can't believe we'll be in the same city again. I can't wait for her to meet Kiki and come over for dinner whenever she wants. In good weather, we can have a picnic in the yard under the apple tree. I'll be there to help her plan her wedding and I'll be able to be more involved when it actually happens since I will no longer have to fly in at the last minute.

Yet again, I have not kept up with blogging here. I have some photos saved and organized and almost ready to go for posts about Denver and Colorado. I use the excuse that I can't just plug my phone into my computer and upload photos (it somehow does not work). But I hope to finish up my Colorado posts and start writing about life in the Pacific Northwest as soon as I can. My first priority is, of course, learning how to do my new job and learning how to do it well. I will also be working on a certification and using my volunteer time to get out into the community and meet new people. Eventually, I will learn how to take better pictures on overcast days (the majority in Washington) and I'll be back here writing about our new home.
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