Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Something Resembling a Plan

Welp, I've been procrastinating lately (and I just misspelled 'lately'). There are some things that I need to focus on for work and life in general and I haven't been dedicating enough time or focus to them.

I recently started working on some blogging goals, but those need to take a back burner. Basically, I'd like to re-publish some old posts that I rewrote (or didn't rewrite) and get caught up on other posts that I wanted to make. Then I wanted to find a new platform and keep this blog as a snapshot in time without worrying about transferring all of my posts. Blogger is okay, but there are some things I don't like about it. Do you have any recommendations?

While I put blogging/making things (drawing, fiber art, photos) etc. aside, I will spend a few months with intense focus on what I need to get done and then I'll come back and see what I really want to make time for. Although, I get the feeling that you might find me buying a crochet hook and yarn this weekend to learn how to make granny squares for a blanket. Did I mention that I've been procrastinating lately?

I hope that January is finding you all very well and happy. I hope that you are making progress toward goals and making room for things in your life that bring you joy and peace. If you don't see any new posts from me for awhile, you can also find me procrastinating on Instagram, Twitter, and in your comments.


The photo above is from a walk in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. That place is magic and fills me with awe. I've really been enjoying getting back into photography and learning how to use manual settings again. I know I have a lot to learn, but I was able to take the photos I wanted to take by using the manual settings on our new camera. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes. There is probably a lot 'wrong' with that photo technically speaking, but I really enjoy the moody dark atmosphere with a bit of light peeking in, because that's how the forest felt to me.


  1. I totally know what it's like to procrastinate!! You're so not alone. <3 I use Wordpress for my blog. You can browse templates to purchase on Etsy! Wordpress also has their own templates. :)

    1. Oh also, YAY go you, learning to use manual!

    2. Do you use Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org (or whatever the different one is)? I've heard there's a difference, but I haven't yet found out what the difference is.

      I hope you're enjoying the Seattle snow! We had a snow day yesterday, but it's back to work today. :)


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